Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm Back and Ready to Blog!

It's only been 1 1/2 years since I've posted - where does the time go?

**SHOWTIME FOR THE MOUNTAIN FIBER FOLK COOPERATIVE** and we are on the Road. Follow our adventures here!

Sept. 25-27th The Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival
Carol, Sabra, Cheryl and Robin L (also from Robin's Hoods) set off from Northern Vermont to Saratoga with goodies in hand. Oh, how we love Saratoga! Revisited old friends and met many new ones too. Hung out with Kathy and David from The Merlin Tree, spinning wheels, and Judy from Ball and Skein. Just ask them what "garnish" means to after hour party goers? Good food and lots of laughs at "Scallions" restaurant. Rebecca will always be our favorite waitperson!!

Oct. 1-3 the MFF will be heading to Vermont Sheep and Wool in Tunbridge! Will keep you posted on the fiber fun!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


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A beautiful, soft, and lofty blend or alpaca and cormo sheep. 3-way swirl of black, gray and white with a touch of green. $3.00 an ounce plus postage.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sock Swap Questionnaire

On Apr 27, 2008, at 10:24 AM, Sabra Massey wrote:

Do you knit? Crochet?
Both, but primarily knit (except when I did Granddaughter socks which had both)
Magic Loop, two circulars, or dpns?
Once, only dpns but now am addicted to Magic Loop or 2 at a time on one needle
Toe up or top down?
Have only done top down, but keep promising myself that I will try toe up!
What is your favorite sock yarn?
Hard to say, I like and buy them all! Regia (which I started with), Sockotta for summer, Big Mexico (which I think is discontinued).
What is your favorite color/s?
Earth tones primarily, greens and yellows.
And your least favorite color/s?
Really don't have a dislike. Like mixtures, even strange ones!
Any books, yarns, needles, accessories or patterns out there you are desperate to get your hands on?
Can't have enough of any of the above! Long 40-47" circulars are my current "must have". Like Knit Picks circs particularly. Would love to have a WPI wooden measure (I'm a spinner so should have one but never get around to buying one). Tape measures! Always loosing them or my cat chews them to bits.
Is there anything that you collect?
Vintage buttons. Who knows why, as I never seem to complete the planned for cardigan or jacket.
Coffee, Tea, or Cocoa? Bags or loose?
Coffee! The darker the better.
Sweet or savory?
Both in succession.
Do you like candles/bath stuff?
Not a real candle person but hand creams are great or herbal anything.
What’s your favorite scent(s)?
Lavender, rosemary, herbals. Nothing flowery or fruity.
Any allergies (food, fibers, scents, animals, smoke, etc)?
None. Does that make me normal or abnormal?
Do you have pets?
2 dogs (bearded collies) and 3 cats
Do you or does anyone in your household smoke?
Anything else that your swap partner should know about you?
I'm open to anything fiber, especially dealing with socks or sock yarn. I am a spinner and a member of a fiber co-op.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


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A test really to see if this works. A knitted muffler using roving.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hot Sauce Questionnaire

Hot Sauce

What kinds of sauces do you like? Do you like ‘em hot and spicy or more toward the sweet? Do you like four alarms going off at once, or a heat that builds?
Spicy rather than hot with some hidden sweetness (like surprises). Heat that builds is always interesting, especially with the first bite.
Do you have any sauces that you do not like at all?
Not that I can think of. Ready to try almost anything.
What do you like your hot sauce on?
Chili, seafood primarily. Haven't been able to handle it with eggs, except mixed in.
What kinds of recipes do you like to work your hot sauce magic with? Do you BBQ? Throw it in take-out? Put a dash into your eggs in the morning? Do you like to cook, or do you prefer to just dress up a good take-out dish?
I usually mix it in with sauces and don't use it directly that often. Mostly add it to chili and seafood dishes (lived in New Orleans so gumbo and jambalaya get the treatment). No take out up here in Vermont but we do have good Mexican food. Don't BBQ except chicken sometimes.
Do you have any particular food allergies that should be avoided when picking out a hot sauce?
Nope. Pretty easy in that area.
Recipe you would like to share?
Need to get some out and pour over. Usually just sort of throw things together and improvise on the fly! Do have a really good chili recipe that I've developed over the years.


Do you knit or crochet?
Knit, primarily, although I learned to crochet as a kid and just finished a pair of "Granddaughter Socks" that have a granny square cuff.
What are your favorite types of yarns to work with?
Anything. I am a member of a fiber cooperative so am hooked on handspun using a blend of fibers (alpaca, mohair and fine wools). Favorite wools are Coopworth and Cormo. I do move on to cotton in the summer.
What do you have on the needles (or hook!) right now?
What don't I have? UFO's abound. Always have a pair of socks going and am addicted to doing them on one circular needle (2 at a time). Triangular scarf, scarf on roving and a sweater in the works (well I have it layed out and the yarn is spun. Does that count?) Working on squares for an afghan.
What are your favorite colors to work with? Are there any colors you wouldn’t want caught dead in your stash?
Earth tones, yellow greens in particular (at least today). Also enjoy playing with brights. Not a blue person, tho denim colors are really attractive.
Any preference in your hooks/needles? Prefer bamboo over plastic or aluminum? You’re good with whatever you’ve got to work with? Let us know.
I have them all!! Keep switching around depending on the project. Actually like the Swallow casein needles when using straights. Have gone over to circulars for most projects but really don't like Addi's except in smaller sizes for socks. Is that weird?
Notions. C’mon, let us know – if you get one more measuring tape, will you run screaming from the room? Or are you the type that loses stitch markers constantly? What notions do you love and loathe?
Love notions and have duplicates of everything, especially Knit Cheks (the metal thingy with the holes to measure needle size). Have them all over the house. Point protectors are the only thing I can think of that I never use (can't see the point?)
Any fiber allergies we should know about?
Nope. I can knit with everything, even dog and cat hair.


Are you a snacky type of person? Do you like candy? Chocolate? In between hot sauce applications, what would we find you snacking on?
Pastry, including cookies, is my downfall. Give me a donut anytime!! Not really a chocolate person, except really good dark on occasion. Chocolate cake is a real turnoff - does that put me out of the loop?

Are you into recipe magazines? Knitting mags? What kinds of quick, stash-it-in-your-knitting-bag reading do you like to have on hand?
Used to read recipe magazines when I was single and wanted to impress. Cooking dinner every night for the family put me off being really creative. Do have quite a collection of cookbooks however! Knitting mags galore and I'm a bookaholic. Think I have them all!
What cheers you up?
Getting together with my fiber friends. Sheep and Wool festivals (tho I am in a 12-step program for buying fleeces). Travel.
Do you collect anything other than yarn?
I say I don't, officially but do have a large amount of vintage buttons. Used to be an antique dealer so have some interesting glass and pottery pieces.
Do you have pets?
Three cats, two wonderful Bearded Collie dogs.
Any other allergies?
None, except fire ants.
Are you a swap newbie, or have you done this before? Any good advice for newbies you’d like to share?
Definitely a newbie. Hope my spoilee is patient! Looking forward to my first!!!